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Writing Prompt #1

Prompt (setting): A wizard is traveling through a corn field.

This week’s prompt had 4 responses, all of which are enjoyable reads.  Since all four were so close in quality, and tied for votes, we’re going to share them all!

Responses are displayed here in the order posted.

Response #1:  Mikal

Response #2:  hoopanaholler

Response #3:  williammarmont

Response #4:  C_Hillman

We hope you enjoyed these as much as we did!  If you’d like to participate in next week’s prompt, please register and check the writing prompts forum on Sunday!

2 Responses to “Writing Prompt #1”

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  2. Nicki says:

    The wizard mounts his tall brown howrse. His grey robes fall around the horse’s body, but fly in the wind as he rushes through the thick corn field. With one hand, he holds the rim of his tall and pointy, grey hat to keep it from falling off his head. The cold wind rushes through the thin robes, making him more alert. The sun is setting, but his mission is only starting. The stalks of corn behind him and his stead are run down to the ground. He holds his horse’s hair tightly and yells, speeding the horse up. A fierce creature comes swooping down, and breathes a hot and malicious orange and yellow flame. He barely misses the path that the fire-breathing creature torches. The smell of burnt corn fills the air, and a strip of the field is now black and very frail. Some of the stalks snap, the corn falling to the ground. The man looks up to the enormous, brown and red monster. He pulls something out of his waistband, it’s a rather twig-like thing. He holds it in aim to the creature and yells with all his might, “AVADA KEDAVRA!!!” There is a loud screeching sound that escapes the mythical being. The old man smirks as he rides over to the dragon, “Not bad for an old mage like me, now is it?”

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