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Archive for February, 2010

A Cat at Play — Fortune003’s response

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Fortune003 is one of our established members, and has submitted the following response to this week’s writing prompt.

A little mouse intrudes carelessly into her home. She senses his presence and glides after him stealthily. He continues on, ignorant of danger as she closes in, low to the ground. She pounces, but the mouse was leading her on. He evades her attack, but is unable to escape. ‘She’s fast,’ he says to himself, ‘but she’s not fast enough.’ He begins an array of nimble maneuvers, to which she follows elegantly. The two dance flawlessly, painting lines of white across a blue canvas. Her heart is pounding with excitement, she hasn’t had a chase like this in a long time. Her smiling face beings to fade, though. She knows she can’t play anymore. The tempo of their dance increases, until the mouse loses time. “I’m sorry little mouse,” she says aloud. “Cougar One; Fox two.” The mouse panics and climbs as fast as he can. He disappears in a bloom of orange and red, signaling the finale as it fades to black.

A Cat at Play — C_Hillman’s response

Friday, February 26th, 2010

This fun story was written by one of our founding members in response to this week’s writing prompt.  Enjoy!

“Don’t you want to play?” the dog barked sinisterly.

“No!” the cat yowled as he ran away, fast as his legs could carry him, “I don’t like your idea of “play”!”

“Why not? I think its quite fun!” the dog replied with a mean glint in its eye.

The cat was nearly as large as the dog, but its legs were short.The chase continued for several minutes, the dog slowly gaining all the while.

A large tree came in sight and the cat’s heart soared. “I’m safe!” he thought to himself, then he looked back over his shoulder.

“Noooo!!!!” he yowled for the dog was close, far closer than he had believed. There was no way to make it to the tree in time.

“Only one chance, I’ve got to turn and fight!” the cat thought in panic.

Coming to an abrupt stop, the cat looked back at the dog with determination in his eyes. “This is a good place to make a stand, right in my own front yard.” he thought.

Seeing the cat stopping and turning to glare at him, the dog realized for the first time just how large the cat was. Doubt came into his mind and fear began to grow in his heart.

The cat spat in his face, saying “This is MY yard, you don’t belong here!”

The dog’s eyes widened in shock for no cat had ever spoke to him that way! The fear grew even more and his tail began to droop.

The cat began to advance on the bully of a dog who had been tormenting him. As he did so the dog began to back away from him and his courage began to grow. “Maybe I can do this!” he thought, careful not to say it out loud and let the dog find out how unsure he was.

The dog’s courage finally failed him completely and he started to run for home. With a gleeful yowl the cat gave chase; “How do you like it now that you’re on the receiving end?” he taunted.

“Go away! Leave me alone!” The dog barked in terror, not slowing down at all.

The cat just laughed derisively.

“Demon cat! Its a Demon Cat!” the dog howled as loud as he could between pants of fear and exhaustion.

Finally the dog reached its house, without even slowing down it ran in the door, hoping the cat wouldn’t follow.

It was a futile hope, the cat chased him right on through the house and out the back door. He didn’t stop until the dog was ready to drop where it stood.

Catching up to the dog the cat swiftly slashed him across the nose with its claws. “Leave me alone or next time I’ll shred you to pieces!” the cat hissed.

With a whimper the dog promised to not go near the cat again. Satisfied, the cat went home.

After he got inside he curled up on his favorite spot on the back of the couch next to the window.

His friend, Sunny the cockatiel, landed on his head and asked what had happened out there.

With a quiet laugh the cat replied, “The dog wanted to play, I said I didn’t want to but he insisted. He said it would be fun, and you know something? He was right, it was fun!”

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