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A Cat at Play — Fortune003’s response

Fortune003 is one of our established members, and has submitted the following response to this week’s writing prompt.

A little mouse intrudes carelessly into her home. She senses his presence and glides after him stealthily. He continues on, ignorant of danger as she closes in, low to the ground. She pounces, but the mouse was leading her on. He evades her attack, but is unable to escape. ‘She’s fast,’ he says to himself, ‘but she’s not fast enough.’ He begins an array of nimble maneuvers, to which she follows elegantly. The two dance flawlessly, painting lines of white across a blue canvas. Her heart is pounding with excitement, she hasn’t had a chase like this in a long time. Her smiling face beings to fade, though. She knows she can’t play anymore. The tempo of their dance increases, until the mouse loses time. “I’m sorry little mouse,” she says aloud. “Cougar One; Fox two.” The mouse panics and climbs as fast as he can. He disappears in a bloom of orange and red, signaling the finale as it fades to black.


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