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WritAnon is a social networking website for writers seeking advice and mentorship. The primary components of WritAnon are currently its forums and its blog. However, there are many planned additions, so the site will be constantly evolving over the next few months.

Feel free to send comments and questions to bartender@writanon.com, or via our Contact Us form.


WritAnon’s forums are designed to help new users acclimate to the community, and provide them with ample opportunities to post questions and/or give advice. The number of users is small, but growing, so the activity on the forums will increase over time.


WritAnon’s blog is updated each Monday morning with the latest developments on the site, history of the WritAnon community, or any other thoughts the Bartender (our site administrator) wants to share.  You can contact him at bartender@writanon.com.


The seed for WritAnon was planted in 1999 at a free MSN Community named WritersAnonymous. Users from all over the world were able to connect with no cost other than time. At that moment in time, this was still a novel concept–the Internet was still new, and only about 30-35% of the United States was online.

To be continued…

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