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Response #3: williammarmont

Siris walked at a slow pace. Long ago, he had created this land for it to prosper and grow. But that was before the war had come through here. Now, finally released from the Goddesses’ will, he could watch it grow. Around the corn field were many more fields, and nearby was a small town. That town was a symbol of peace and unity. Many species of the land resided there, from elves to halflings, from dragons to dwarves.

Siris smiled as a group of children skipped by, giggling and making merry. They stopped for a moment to look at Siris. He waved his hand and sweets appeared in their hands. They thanked him and ran off to eat.

Siris was a young wizard, not as legendary as Gandalf, nor as strong as him. But he was just as much a wizard. Siris had vibrant green eyes and flaming red hair. When casting powerful spells, his hair floated up and almost looked like fire. His eyes would glow and appear to burn right through you. It was dangerous to look into a wizards eyes whilst he was casting a spell, if you are or fell guilty.

Siris continued walking through the corn field, casting a growth spell every now and then on a dried out crop. Soon, the sun was setting and it was time for dinner at the “town hall”. Siris left the field, and would return to it the next day. It relaxed him, and gave him a sense of duty outside being a wizard and battle mage.

Written by:  williammarmont

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