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Response #3: hoopanaholler

Ms. Brainard looked at the twenty-nine feisty 6 year olds decked out in their holiday finery. They were twitching and shuffling while trying so hard to be good and stay seated at their desks. In her thirty years of teaching she had some real corkers in her classes but this future class of 2000 beat them all. She didn’t know whether to laugh or shutter when she looked at Johnny Timms, he obviously didn’t think the costume his mother had dressed him in was realistic enough and he had added his own details to the outfit. She had seen his mother send him out the door this morning with a molded pumpkin mask but when he put his costume on this afternoon that nice, clean mask had been replaced with most of the Jack-o-lantern that had been on his front step.

“We have 15 minutes before the Halloween Party class; why don’t some of you tell us why you chose to wear the costumes you have on.” Twelve minutes and eight children later she smiled and said, “It’s time for you to line up to go the gym for…”

“Not yet, a little pirate shouted as she raised her hand and half climbed on her desk, you haven’t asked me yet.”

“Alright Michelle, tell me why you chose your costume?”

“I am a pirate,” she said proudly, “when I grow up I am going to be a real pirate, just like Blackbeard, and I will have a really, really, really fast boat and no one will ever catch me.” Michelle sat back down with a gamin grin spread over her face.

Halloween Eve, 2008

The man who sat at the outdoor table looked completely at ease. His Armani jacket was slung over his shoulders, his elbows rested easily on the table while he held his coffee cup. The blonde who accompanied him was dressed in a fall suit and sipped her coffee daintily. “They should be here soon, she said as she glanced down the street. “Hopefully, we will complete our assignment tonight.”

JT drew his eyebrows together and gave her a quick frown. “Miss Webb, I plan attending Shell’s Halloween Party tonight and having a fitting time of it. I hope that is what you plan to do, too.”

“Why of course I am!”

JT straightened out of his slouch as he noticed the striking, auburn haired, woman approach. He rose and grabbed her hand and kissed it. “Shell, you’re looking gorgeous!” Shell smiled as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

A slender, dark haired businessman joined the group and leaned down to kiss Shelia Webb’s lips. “Darling, you look marvelous.”

“Thank you, Jason,” She dimpled.

Shell broke into their conversation, “Did you bring your costumes? I am looking forward to this more than you will ever know.”

JT gave a grimace and looked down at the suit that he wore. “What’s wrong with what I have on? I figured I would come as a successful entrepreneur.”

Shell gave a delighted laugh, “ ‘No way, Jose’, If you don’t bring a costume I will furnish one.”

“Ah, Shell the indignities I suffer for you.”

An hour later they were aboard Shell’s yacht sailing for the high seas. She excused herself, leaving them to get their costumes on. Slipping below deck she looked at the boxes piled in the storage hold. Tonight under the cover of a Halloween Party these boxes would be delivered as her other “guests” boarded from another yacht. Grabbing her costume from a storage closet she dressed and went to entertain JT, Shelia, and Shelia’s fiancé, Jason.

“Shell you make a beautiful pirate!” a voice exclaimed.

“It had to be JT, no other voice made her shiver like this.”

Out of the shadows stepped a large costumed figure. His head had been painted to look exactly like a Jack-o-lantern.

“Remember me Michelle? You were a pirate in Ms. Brainard’s 1st grade class and I, Johnny Timms, was dressed pretty much like this, an FBI agent in disguise. It appears that we both reached for our dreams only mine is coming true, and yours is ending. You’re under arrest for pirating copyrighted material. You have the right to remain silent, what you say…..”

Jason placed the handcuffs on her delicate wrists as she stood stupefied. JT was Johnny Timms, this had to be a nightmare soon she would wake up. She slowly allowed her self to be lead and loaded onto the Coast Guard Ship awaiting her arrival and as she took the final step she heard a voice from her past.

“I am a pirate,” she said proudly, “when I grow up I am going to be a real pirate, just like Blackbeard, and I will have a really, really, really fast boat and no one will ever catch me.”

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