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Response #3: williammarmont

My cell phone rang on my desk. I quickly commanded a squad of marines over to the cliffside, and picked up the phone. The caller ID showed exactly what I wanted: It was her. I flipped it open quickly.


“Hey, William. Are you okay? I heard you crashed your bike in the woods the other day.”

“I’m fine, thank you. It wasn’t anything more than a big bump. Where’d you hear that from?”

“I heard it from Jonathan.”

“Really… Well, I’m fine. What have you been up to lately?” I rubbed my side as I spoke.

“Nothing much, just watching my brother and chattin’ with friends.”

“Oh okay. You want to meet somewhere later today, or tomorrow?” I asked, while looking out the window.

“Sure, if my mom comes home on time, then I can leave at 5. Where do you want to go?”

“I don’t know, the park, perhaps?” I lifted my shirt to look at the side of my stomach.

“Okay, I’ll meet you there at 5:30, okay?”


She hung up. I closed my phone and looked at my stomach again. It was covered in blood, and had a strange metallic object sticking out of it. I grabbed it and tugged. A sharp pain went through my body and I yelled. I looked at the screen of my computer and saw my main base being overrun by large bug-like creatures. I press Alt and F4, disconnecting from the game. That wasn’t going on my record as a loss just because of a phone call. I glanced at the keyboard that I had covered in blood. I shrugged and left my bedroom.

I went into the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. I found some pain killer and I took two doses. It kicked in a few minutes later and I tugged on the object in my side. I finally managed to yank it out. Blood dripped onto the floor in large drops. I threw the object into the sink and grabbed a towel. I folded it and wrapped it around my side. I went back to the sink and rinsed the bloody object. It was a knife blade. I had known it from the start, messing with those people was a bad move for Jonathan. I took the blade and went outside.

It was getting cloudy, but I knew she didn’t mind the rain. I threw the knife at a tree, and it was stuck there.

My knife throwing has gotten better, I thought.

About an hour later, I was faint. I looked at the towel and saw it was half soaked already. I went to the bathroom again and got all the medical supplies for bandaging a wound. When I was done, The blood was stopped, and it was 5:27. I got up and walked to the park.

When I got there, I was grabbed from behind. I broke free and turned to attack. It was her.

“I’m sorry. I am… just a bit jumpy today.”

“It’s fine, I wasn’t hurt.”

We began walking. She looked at me and smiled. We sat on a bench.

“I love you William.”

“I love you, too, Caroline.”

And then, the world swirled in front of me. I fainted and landed face down in the wet grass. Caroline stood shocked, and quickly got out her phone, dialing what I hoped was 911.

Everything went black. And then memories of the day in the woods came back.

“She is my girl, understand, William!?”

“Dude, he has been with her longer than you have known her. Leave him alone, and quite bugging him about it.” Jonathan said.

“Oh yea? Well, I’m better for her.” Markus pulled out a knife. Jonathan reacted swiftly, disarming him with a quick kick the the wrist. The knife flew through the air and struck me in the side. I fell to the ground and rolled down the hill. Halfway down I hit a tree hard, and the flimsy knife hilt broke off. Jonathan ran down the hill to get me. He lifted me up and said, “It’s fine, I’m going to get some help once we are back to the street.”

I faintly heard myself saying, “No, don’t. She can’t… she can’t know…she… Caroline…” I had blacked out after that, and Jonathan had taken me to the tree club that we built in 6th grade. He helped as much as he could, and soon I was back on my feet. I had went home quickly, and lived life normally for the next day… Until her call… Until, the telephone rang.

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