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Response #2: Mikal

Point of view:

The telephone rang.
Blasted device.
Whining like an insolent child, interrupting my work.
Never cares what I’m thinking about.
Keeps ringing until I answer or hit the button.
What an annoyance.

The telephone rang.
Wondrous machine!
An opportunity, a new chance.
This message from the ether, someone wants me!
For a meeting of minds, our voices over distance.
A magnificent messenger, eager for attention.
Keeps me connected.

The telephone rang.
Unfortunate news.
Shares sad messages, not caring about emotions.
Tidings of sickness or death, the signs of depression.
Creates even more distance, rather than connecting.
Unfeeling machine, simply does its job,
Hurts those answering.

The telephone rang.
Such glad tidings!
Brings news of happiness, chirping its hello!
A baby born! A birthday call! Two lovers announcing a wedding.
An exciting date, a brand new job! Friends closer together.
Joyful bells, I rush to answer,
Never-ending gifts.

There are always many points of view. You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you get to choose how you react.

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