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Response #3: hoopanaholler

As a child I grew up knowing that frogs were my mother’s favorite animal. We listened to her tales of hunting and finding the biggest frog or the smallest frog, and the listening for the peepers every spring waiting for them to freeze 3 times and then rejoicing when they did because that meant spring was really here.

Spring had arrived and the roads swarmed with frogs. The head lights saw wide rivers of them crossing the road and it was impossible to drive where were going without killing many in our travels. This always caused my Mom pain.

Once home I headed out to the yard and joined the neighborhood kids in a game of kick the can. As I went to the can to kick it I heard a deep throated croak. We stopped playing immediately and started searching for the deep voice coming from the side of the house. A big circle was formed and we slowly closed its size. In the stream of light that my friend was flashing around we saw the biggest bull frog I had ever encountered. It was as big as my two fists but together. Picking it up, the frightened frog peed in my hand. I wanted to drop it but I was embarrassed to show my disgust of what had happened. We all wanted to make sure this frog got to my Mom. Carrying it carefully we entered the house and the others started calling for Rosie(that is my Mom’s name). Mom took the frog gently in her own hands and gently stroked it’s back. The frog seemed to calm and if it had been a cat it would have purred. Following her outside we watched her place her new friend on the grass and watch it leave.

This was one of the many frog hunts that we ventured on in my childhood but I will never forget that huge amphibian. We would start the spring looking for tadpoles and watched them go from eggs to little balls with tails, losing the tails and then growing limbs that allowed them to leave the water. Their transformation and the help they gave in keeping the insects under control will always be memories that I will cherish.

My wish for you is that you find something that never loses it’s amazement for you and that you can share with your growing families. Maybe those memories built with you will be the ones that they will cherish all their lives.

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