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Response #1: lilypad107

One day a little girl named Chrissty was walking through a forest.  She saw a little brown frog, then it glanced right back at her and started to hop away. Chrissty followed–she didn’t know where she was going, but the frog led her into a dark forest.  She could barely see but she kept following the frog.

She started to see a bright light and walked into it.  Then, she saw little flowers blooming and little faeries popped out.

Suddenly, the frog started to speak. “I cant believe you followed me all the way here…most kids would just scream and run.”

Chrissty says “You can talk?”

“Well, let’s just say welcome to Flower Falls.  No one has ever discovered this place before,” says frog.

Chrissty says, “It’s so beautiful.”

Note: This story has been modified from the original to correct some spelling and punctuation errors, and was broken into paragraphs for easier reading.

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