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Response 1: Fox Girl

Fall Memories

It was another boring day in the kitchen and like all other days I was in the kitchen making something good. The smell the pumpkin in the oven soon to be made out of a soup I found. Sitting on the kitchen table and just starting to read a good book. When the wind was blowing hard from my window. I slowly got out of my chair and thinking to myself, I knew that it might be a storm. Looking out of my kitchen window I saw that I was right. The wind was blowing and the rain was coming down hard. I saw that the fall leaves were falling all over the place. The sky began to get dark and then the rain poured down so hard that I thought it would break my roof.

I turned back to sit on the chair again I started to relax a little. Then the pumpkin was done and I took it out of the oven. It smelled really good. I started to make the pumpkin soup and it really started to feel like fall. Each part of the ingredients was very important to the soup. I had to make sure everything was right, even if the storm was here. I mixed and make sure each part was right for the pumpkin soup recipe I had. All this soup would go for my friends and family. We are going to have a nice fall harvest party at my house if the storm will stop.

After I got the entire ingredients in my soup and I left it cooking in a pot for a little, while making sure it stayed warm. I looked out my window and saw the storm was not over. The rain still kept going and the feeling the cold drove me away. I went to the fireplace and started to heat up the room a little bit. Sitting on my couch I decided to continue reading my book. The book I was reading was called, “The Black Willow” and happens to be one of my favorite books I ever read.
Deep in thought I began to read more and more of the book. It seemed like I couldn’t hear the rain and everything was going on around me. In the book it was about two lovers. They both had met at the willow tree and had a great time there. They loved each other but sadly the love from them would go away. It showed how things weren’t going so well and they both went their own way. The willow turned black from a bad fire but it didn’t seem to kill it. Some how it was still alive but things seem to get crazy about the tree and all.

I heard a loud knock knock at my door. It was not a normal knock but a really loud knock. It woke me up from my reading the book. I opened the door and wind was so hard that I couldn’t see who was standing there. Standing in the door away trying not to fly away from the storm was my family and dear friends. They had come as soon as they were able to reach my house. They all rushed in my house and sat down at the table. I had given everyone my homemade pumpkin soup which was surprising to me that it was still warm.

It was nice to hear my family and friends talk. It had been days since I saw everyone. Everyone is growing up so fast and I just can’t believe my eyes. I didn’t say much as everyone was eating. I seemed to be watching more and more each day. It was like a dream I had but some how it was real. The wind and rain still came pouring down. Night had begun and everyone said they had to go back home. They had things they needed to do by tomorrow. So they all said goodbye and said they had a good time. I had cleaned up the dishes when the lights turn off. To me it wasn’t really a surprise since the house was pretty old. I went to find some candles. After finding some nice candles I went to the couch to read my book.

The book was getting interesting as I read the chapters but some how I was getting tired. Too tired to get to my own bed. I put a blanket on and went to sleep. In my sleep I began to dream of the book. I dreamed of the boy meeting the girl at the tree and how they had their love story there. Sadly it seems like all they could do was talk and tell each other how they feel. Soon she went to college some where else and he went to work as some high top cooking school. It was the last time they saw each other. The willow tree was sad because they had loved the tree as well. They used the leaves and everything the willow tree offered but since they were gone. The willow tree turned black and didn’t seem to let anyone near it.

The next day I woke up and I was glad it was only a dream. It was sort of scary to think about it so much. Getting up slowly and looking out the window. The morning looked great only that all the leaves and branches were every where. It seemed like I would have a busy day to clean up all the mess in the yard. Heading to the kitchen I started to make my breakfast. Looking at it reminded me of my lovely husband who sadly past away last year.

Heading to my kitchen, I was going to make my favorite breakfast. The breakfast was scrabbled eggs and inside the eggs was ham, cheese, onion and a little bit of tomatoes. I started to make it on the pan and once it was done, I ate it. It was really good. I put the dishes in the sink and cleaned them. Then I went to the mud room and got my pants, boots and coat on. This part really made me think of my husband because we use to do it a lot together. I headed outside and it was pretty chilly out. Once outside I headed to the shade. This place was the best place to get all my tools. They were my husband’s tools but we both shared them. When I picked one up it just bought back good memories. Getting out of my dream state of mind I headed to the broken down fence. I fixed some of the fence that seems to want to fall off. Then I got the rake to rake up all the leaves. I made a few piles but there still a lot of leaves. It would take me most of the day to get it done. My bones were started to get cold so I headed back inside.

I made it inside before the wind would blow me away. My poor bones weren’t use to this weather. So I got my kettle on and started to get some hot water going. The weather outside was pretty bad. It was raining pretty hard. All the piled leaves were going all over the place. I just sighed. All my hard work was not enough. Then my kettle started to make a sound. I turned from the window to get my kettle. I had all I needed for my tea. I put the bag in the cup and poured hot water in my cup. I let the flavors from my tea bag get all out. After that I took the tea bag out and put sugar in it. Then a little mike got in as well.

Then I sat down at the couch to relax a little bit. It looked like there was a lot to do. After I finished my tea and clean the cup, I headed out again. The wind was blowing harder then normal but it didn’t stop me. I kept going with putting the leaves piles in the bags, after I raked them of course. Then I put the bags in a storage area so they won’t get wet. Then I checked the fences to see if they were ok. They seemed alright for now. I put all my tools back in the shade.

I went back in the house and made myself some dinner. It was getting pretty late. I headed up fro the night. I brushed my teeth and hair. Changed my clothes and quickly wrote in my journal. Sometimes it reminded me of my husband. He would always talk to me about his day. I sometimes even forgot to write in my journal. So then I would have to write it the next day. After I was thinking back, I woke up from my dream like state. Then I closed my journal and went to sleep.

Then next day I woke up to the sounds of lovely birds singing. I always love to hear the birds in the morning. I went to the window to see my bird friends. I open the window and looked out. The air was crisp to my skin. I closed the window because it was too chilly for me. I headed downstairs to make myself some breakfast. I made one of my favorite breakfasts, which is blueberry pancakes. Our children use to eat them all the time. The smell was coming all over the place.
After having my morning breakfast, I did the house cleaning. I cleaned the bathroom, did my clothes, sawed and got the mail. I even feed my bird friends. All that really got me tired. I headed upstairs and made a lovely bubble bath. I soaked there for a while. My poor bones were hurting.

I got changed and decided to call some of my dear friends over. Most of which were getting pretty up there. Before I called I started making a list of things to get done. I put a lovely table cloth on the table. I started to make some scones and other yummy treats. As for the drinks, I made a lovely tea. All that I did was pretty much done. So I made a few house calls to see if anyone would come.
Four of my close friends came over. We all sat down eating our treats and sipping our teas. We talked about life and different things. Everyone enjoyed the food and tea. Soon everyone had to leave. I told everyone that I had a great time. Then I watch them leave and glad that they had a great time.

Then I clean the dishes and cups. It was a long day for me. I headed up for the day. I was getting more and more tired. Soon I couldn’t do much of the things I enjoyed doing. Then I woke up to a strange place. I wasn’t at my house anymore. I looked out the window. Then I realize that I was at a nursing home. I guess I fell asleep and didn’t realize. My sons and daughters were looking at me. They all smiled at me. I was truly happy to see them.

I told them about my dream I had. They said it was a wonderful dream, one that I didn’t want to stop. When my children left, I decided that I would write a book. So I thought about a name of my book. I called it Fall Memories. It had a nice ring to it. So day by day I would write my story. I was telling all my favorite parts of the Fall Memories. After I finished my book, I gave it to my children. They all loved it. I told them that they should write down all their memories as well. They all agreed that they would do that.

That night I looked out the window for the last time. What I saw was beautiful. The leaves were falling down like snowflakes. It was so magical to look at. It took my breath away.

Then I closed my eyes and went into a deep sleep. I past away but the memories of fall still lived on.

So one thing I would like to say is to always enjoy life. Even if days are tough and hard on you. Always look at the good days you had on earth. Always keep the memories you have.


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