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Response #1: Fortune003

The sun’s light barely pierced the think canopy. The hunting party had almost found it again. They were close again. Their heavy footsteps echoed loudly in the silent forest. They knew it was near, but this time they were it’s prey. A burst of red and the party dropped to the ground. Not a sound was heard, but one of their party was drowning on dry land. One tried to stand up quickly and run, but fell without a sound. They stayed hidden. They realized that they were no longer the hunters. It saw an arm flash out from behind a tree. Instinctively, it ducked its head. A loud bang. It watched as they creeped out from their ‘rabbit holes’, confident of its incapacitation. Two fell without a sound. A third crashed limply into a tree. The forth, and last, one fell to his knees and shakily laid down. A few minutes passed as he grew more and more tired. Now, the last of the hunters closed his eyes as sound returned to the forest. “I love the sound of birds singing in the forest,” he mumbled weakly to himself. It had escaped again.

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