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Writing Prompt #13

Prompt (scene): A warrior fights the battle of his life

This week’s prompt had just one response, but it’s an enjoyable read!

Responses are displayed here in the order posted.

Response #1:  Mikal

We hope you enjoyed these as much as we did! If you’d like to participate in next week’s prompt, please register and check the writing prompts forum for the latest writing prompt!Alternatively, if you run your own blog, feel free to write a response and leave a comment pointing to your new entry!

2 Responses to “Writing Prompt #13”

  1. Whitley says:

    The sky was a dark gray. Just like it was on that final day. As she walked through the field, tears rolled in gentle waves down her pale face, and onto her dress. The memories of him flashed through her minds. They were of happy times, challenging times, and…the time in this field.

    She ran her fingers through the many colored flowers, wondering if she could soak anything left of him there. When she reached the dirt patch in the middle of the field she froze, falling to her knees, as that last memory finally came back.

    It’s a warriors job to protect the princess. And that’s how he had done. What he had given his life up for. As a warrior who fights the battle of his life. She was his life, like he was hers.

    Now as age 85, her 65 years without him reached her. A slight smile lifted the corners of her lips up, and she chuckled at something he had once told her.

    “You may be a princess, but you are just as much of a warrior as me.”

    He was right. At the time he hadn’t thought so, but now she saw the truth in those words. She had spent the past 65 years as a warrior fighting the battle of their life. It had been a battle to live without him, but now, laying on the cold hard ground it was coming to an end.

    Where he ended, she would end. As her breathing became more difficult, the sky opened up, and cold rain fell. Just like on the day he died, she thought…

    Then with a smile on her lips, she whispered one final word, “James.” And with that, her eyes closed, and the battle was over.

  2. TheBartender says:

    I enjoyed this. What happened when she was 20? What did James protect her from?

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