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Response #1: Fortune003

It moves swiflty and silently through the night. A mass of grasses and foliage. It stops in a clearing and falls to the ground. It lies there in waiting,… listening… anticipating. A bright light in the night sky appears. The moment it was waiting for. Voices from the tree line it ran from. The sound it was listening for. The voices grew louder… they drew nearer… Their foot steps were noisy, unlike when it ran. They were close now. It could hear their breath and the sounds of fabric swishing around. But it stayed there, waiting…. listening…. anticipating…. The voices grew dimmer. The sounds of the foot steps faded into the night. The light in the night sky burned out. It was quiet. This was the moment it was anticipating. It stood up slowly. Swiftly and silently it ran again,… alone….like a ghost in the night.

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