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Response #1: Hymera

Justin fell upon the floor in a jumble of limbs and sheets. The sun was already high in the sky, streaming in through the single window telling him that he was already very late. Selecting some very crumpled clothes, pulling them on in a hurry he burst out the door in a flurry of speed. It was a long way down to the library from the tower. The tight spiral staircase posing a potential hazard to anyone who was foolish enough to take it at speed. However, as luck may have it, in a certain respect, Justin discovered this lesson when he was several steps short of the landing. As the constant circular movements claimed his sense of balance he lurched forward landing on top of the chief librarian himself and things went downhill from there.

“Late again I see young Justin,” he sniffed as he dusted himself down.

“I’m sorry Sir, it won’t happen again,” Justin replied starring at his shoes.

“Clearly your timekeeping skills need to be tested and reinforced,” the Librarians voice was thin and reedy, he had the skill of making anyone feel small, “you are to clean and wind the clock in the central hall.”

With that he strode off, angular nose pointing in the air as if Justin was merely a bad smell. Sighing to himself Justin dragged his feet to the clock. As well as being high up its hands were heavy things that took a lot of effort to move round. Underneath the clock in a hidden cupboard contained the cleaning equipment and ladder needed for the clocks maintenance. Setting the ladder up Justin slowly climbed up to look the clock directly in the face. Unhooking the cloth that he stuffed into his belt Justin and unscrewing the bottle of cleaner he got to work. Wanting to save time the young boy poured the cleaner directly onto the hands instead of the clock, just as he finished doing this he heard a small cough below him. This sudden noise startled Justin causing him to fumble with the bottle and dropping it. Natural reactions kicked in, not wanting to spill any on the floor he reached out to grab it. Not without danger though, the ladder soon began to move out from underneath him. Arms flailing he fell landing on something soft. Groaning softly clutching his soaked hands he looked beneath him to see the the Librarian on the floor beneath him.

“The clock is clean” Justin said with as much respect as he could muster.
The Librarian continued to give him a cold hard stare, not saying anything. Perhaps the day wasn’t all down hill; the Chief’s amazed silence was one small perk.

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