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The Banana Peel — Kaylaisweird’s response

I sit inside and wait…

for you to show up.

You’re always late. I already busted out the dollar store streamers; black and gold, just like you asked. I threw them here and there and attempted a draping technique, but I suck at things like that.

The hand on the clock moves some more while I put all the air from my lungs into a few balloons.
I eat a banana very slowly to see if it will kill the time, but it doesn’t help much. It’s now been over an hour and slick-backed Steve is here eating all the chips and salsa and asking how my mom is.

It’s weird. He’s weird.

I’m still holding the banana peel when I call it a night and make Steve go home.

Once again, you didn’t show.


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One Response to “The Banana Peel — Kaylaisweird’s response”

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