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A New Chapter

Last week, I completed the last class of my Master’s degree program. Barring any unforeseen disasters in grading, I’m finally finished.

So the question everyone’s going to ask: What are you going to do next?

I have to struggle not to respond “I’m going to Disney World” (okay, maybe that dates me a bit).

Appropriately enough, I’m starting a new chapter in my life by starting a new novel. From time to time I’ll likely refer to it, but won’t bother too much with putting the daily grind on the blog. As most of us writers know, the day to day work of writing a novel is boring to describe, though the internal process is so much more.

It’s funny…we sit at the keyboard, hit key after key, and watch what comes out on the screen. If we like it, we keep it and move to the next paragraph. If we don’t, we delete it–today’s somewhat less satisfying digital version of crumpling a sheet of paper and tossing it in the trash.

Watching what’s going on, to the outside observer, is boring. But what’s going on inside, however, is both interesting and fascinating. And difficult to describe.

Words flowing in and out, like merging droplets of water, forming paragraphs and stories. The whole writing process is fluid, and as writers, we struggle to freeze words in just the right form–on paper.

This is the struggle I’m choosing as my next challenge. It’s going to be a fun journey. Hope you’ll follow me along for the ride.


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