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The computer crashed — Mikal’s Response

My computer crashed last week.

What a frustrating experience! I back up every week, but unfortunately, it crashed on the morning of back up day. A week’s worth of work, gone in an instance.

I’m not one to cry, but losing a week’s worth of writing is just about the worst experience in the world. I’ve lost more than that in prior crashes, but I felt worse about this one: I’d been doing everything right!

Luckily, I’m also pretty handy with computers, so I was able to recover most of my data. It took four hours, but I recovered almost all of the work I’d done over the past 7 days.

What a relief!

I’ve started a new policy: a daily backup. I don’t ever want to lose more than a day’s worth of work.

In fact, I just kicked it off, so data is copying in the background. I’m feeling much better about …

As I was finishing that thought, the walls start shaking, and I hear a loud rumble. I start to get up to go to the window, when the window suddenly started moving towards me!

I scrambled back, under a table, vaguely remembering that was the safest place in the case of an earthquake. I had no idea what was going on, but it seemed like a better idea than staying in the middle of the room.

The rumbling slowly stopped, the crunching of the broken wood fading into silence. I slowly crawled out from beneath the table.

As the dust settled, I slowly started to make out the shape of a large dump truck. A small yellow sign faded into view through the dust:

“Watch for vehicle when backing up.”


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