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First Six Word Story Results

As was announced in the forums and on Twitter, WritAnon held its first “Six Word Story” contest.  There is no physical or financial reward, but we select our favorite three six word stories for special mention here.

Watch for the next Six Word Story announcement coming out tomorrow!  Next week’s will have a theme.

And now, the results of the contest:

First place:Treacherously loquacious- he’d said too much.”  — Guo Xiang

We selected this as first in part because Xiang’er used the word “loquacious” correctly in a sentence, and also because we loved the phrase “treacherously loquacious”.  There’s also a big hint at a larger story…something had been revealed unintentionally, in part because the character didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.  Well done!

Second Place:Coffee mug, six dollars. Poison free.” — Mikal

In the spirit of full disclosure, this was my submission.  Yes, it might be considered unfair, but there were only three submissions this week…and since there is no real prize here, I didn’t feel too bad about including myself.

However, this works on several levels.  Is the poison included at no cost?  Has the mug been certified poison-free?  Is the sender trying to help knock someone off, or get rid of evidence?  Why is poison mentioned at all?  In any case, while not as good as Guo Xiang’s entry, this still was good enough to earn a second place.

Third place: “The bullet ended his life quickly.”  — ZackyV14

The advantage of this story is that it definitely had an ending.  There’s also a beginning–just starting at when the bullet was fired (or in midair).  A reader can’t help but wonder where it came from, and why it was fired at the character.  Perhaps we’ll never know, since the main character is already gone.

This concludes this week’s round-up.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Think you can do better? Follow us on Twitter, and send in your response to next week’s six word story contest!


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