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A Spider’s Web

This was written in response to this week’s writing prompt. Enjoy!

Susan the spider was busy that day,
Lots to do, she had, before time passed away.
On her web, she furiously worked,
Threading her web, she pushed and she jerked.
Round and round, she worked in a curve,
Creating a web for a dinner deserved.

When she had finished, she saw a small place
A place that was perfect, for her babies embrace.
Quickly she worked, and built a cocoon,
A place where her eggs would be lain soon.
She felt the time passing, knew soon they’d be live,
And the time was coming when her babies arrive.

By now in her web, her dinner awaited,
She crawled back to it now, drank ’til she was sated.
Susan felt it was time, so to the cocoon she went
And laid all her eggs, one hundred percent.
Once she was finished, and knew they’d survive,
She defended her children, all four hundred and five.

A few months went by, and Susan was gone,
The cocoon suddenly cracked, and out there came one.
Then seven, then twenty, and several more score,
The babies came out, four hundred and four.
One stayed behind, warm in the shell,
And just like her mother, in this home she’d dwell.

Life continues ever on.

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